Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Valentine From Abuela

What's better than a hand painted Valentine from your Abuela?

Oh, I don't know?  How about one with a magic towel attached?!?  Oh yeah!

Here you go Icie!

"Parkle" fingers get the job done!



"Mommy, it Dooo-rah!"

* The bath water looks a bit murky because we are dealing with a nasty case of eczema and oatmeal baths are on the menu all week.


  1. Nincley played Abuela! There might not be anything cooler than magic towels. I kinda want one now...

  2. Such a sweet Abuela, she has!

    That's a pretty badass towel trick!

  3. How sweet!! Those magic little towels are the best. :)


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