Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bam Bam Strikes Again

Icie was supposed to be napping.  We have a rule that as long as her door doesn't open, chattering and playing are acceptable.  Nap time is really more just forced quiet time and sometimes some sleep comes with.  The carpet guys were here stretching the living room carpet, so I didn't really expect her to nap.  We have Icie proofed her room, at least we thought.  The only things in her room are her bed, dresser, and bookshelf.  Anything that could be a distraction or cause destruction is locked into the closet before nap and bed times.  The dresser drawers are locked, and the bookshelf is anchored. 

This is how I found her.  Not a big mess, typical toddler right?  Maybe I had forgot to lock the bottom drawer.  I grabbed my camera, you know like any sane blogger.  I thought I'd get some cute pictures while she cleaned up her socks.  That's what she was doing, cleaning up you know. That's what she told me at least when I busted her,  "I cweeen up, mommy! I cweeeen!".  I got closer to the dresser and realized I hadn't left the drawer unlocked.

Bam Bam had struck again.  Brut force on the drawer had snapped the heavy plastic locks in two.  Luckily, I bought extra locks.  Looks like we're going to have to double up and hope for the best.  This is not Bam Bam's first victim my calculator  and her first crib met similar fates, sigh.


  1. lol! those door straps are really cool! where did you find them?

  2. She's like wonder woman! LOL Toddlers are SO much fun. I am not looking forward to this phase with Mason.

  3. this is hilarious * my littlest breaks off the door knob protectors & all the kitchen cabinet safety locks * insane!


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