Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ My Jersey Shore

This morning as I watched my recorded episode of Jersey Shore I felt old.  I felt old because I was watching it recorded because I thought I may fall asleep during it's scheduled time last night.  I felt old because the cast would have surely classified me as old, and probably lumped me into the atomic bomb category with the old ladies at the club.  I felt old because the Jersey Shore was never about fist pumping or GTL or clubs.  The Jersey Shore was a rented bike ride on the boardwalk circa 1992.  I am okay with being old .

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  1. I can't even watch that show. I love the shore so much, it hurts my heart to make it trashy. (Ok it was always a LITTLE trashy but in a great all-American kind of way.) Nice new blog look by the way!

  2. aw I feel old too! When did that happen? lol

  3. Great flashback. I used to spend my summers at the Jersey shore. I don't remember anyone like Snooki there, but then I was a kid and I wasn't all that observant. Loved the boardwalk and the beaches though!


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