Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We are ready! On the agenda today, Irish jigs, green and white striped cupcakes, and a whole lot of waiting.  Our carpet in our living room needs to be stretched and they've given us that lovely window of 12 to 4.  It's looking like it's going to be a nice day though, so chances are Icie and I will just hang out in the front yard until they show. 
I was a little sad this year when it came to shopping for a St. Patrick's Day outfit.  Icie had outgrown the little Carter's dresses she had worn for her first two St. Patrick's Days. I was bummed when I headed into the outlet store and confirmed what I kind of already knew, they only make them up to 24 months.  That was not going to happen for my big girl. 
I decided this disappointment called for my first foray into tutu making.  I scoured the Internet looking for the easiest tutorial.  I found one that included only one stitch and a lot of knot making.  I'm impatient and I decided to only measure the lengths and just kind of eyeball the width of my strips of tulle.  I had absolutely no pattern with my three colors and the few strips of ribbon I used.  I wanted the whole thing to just be crazy and fun like Miss Icie.  I made it a bit big so we can hopefully get two years out of it, and tons and tons of dress up time in between. 
My next tutus will be for the Fourth of July, so I'll have more time to prep and actual plan out a pattern. I just did this on a whim on Saturday.  I also decided that ordering tulle online will be the way to go from here on out, buying at JoAnn Fabrics was a bit pricier than I would have liked.  I also found a bigger selection online. I was able to get 350 yards of tulle for about the same price I paid for 20 yards in the store.  We are going to be swimming in tutus!  Anyone want one? 
How about a little flashback to the little dresses I so miss to end this blog post?

Oh and P.S. if anyone is interested THIS is the tutorial I used to make our crazy tutu, super duper easy!


  1. Tutu's and tulle - that's why we just drink!

  2. TOOOO cute!!!
    Happy St Patricks Day!

    Also, LOVING your new header!

  3. She is too cute!! The gold shoes MAKE that outfit. LOL I like your new header (but the right side is cut off a little).


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