Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Worked!

Our wishful thinking came through yesterday, and spring kinda sprung around here.  It was one of those days that just make you feel better.  The sun was shining. The temperature hovered in the high forties, and there was no wind.  It was a gorgeous day. I broke out my sunglasses for the first time in a months.  I am not ashamed to say that I cranked my New Kids on The Block play list on the Ipod as Icie and I headed to Meijer for some groceries.  Icie danced along in the back seat.  The weather made us both happy.  There were no sweat inducing meltdowns while I shopped dangerously close to lunch time.  You can't mess with Miss Thing's lunch time or she will make you sorry you even attempted to get that milk and those beans you needed.
We ate lunch while the sun streamed in from the slider door in the kitchen.  It was so nice to throw back the curtains and have the sun met us instead of the grey ick that's been around all too long this winter.  Icie played nicely at the table while I steamed the kitchen floors and unloaded the dishwasher.  The sun was seeping into us, making us content to just be. 
Time out was not used. Nap time was not the horrible battle that it sometimes can be. I finished a project I had been working on since Saturday (if you check back on Thursday, you'll see it).  Then after nap, after only one small, I repeat very small terrible two moment in regards to shoe choice, we did it. 
We went for a walk and played outside for forty minutes as the sun still shined.  We stayed out dangerously close to dinner time, and had it not been for a lingering cold we would have stayed out past dinner time. 
Even though today is icky and grey again, we saw it yesterday.  The light at the end of the long dark tunnel that has been this winter is flickering into sight. We cannot wait.


  1. Great pics! That little cap is adorable. And so is Miss Thing.

  2. How cute is she! I love the panda bear beanie, adorable! Glad you got some sunshine :)

  3. Yippy for sunshine! Here its just a solid downpour of rain that should continue for another few days.

    And I totally want your daughters boots. For me!

    Happy Wednesday :)

  4. Ivi has those boots and looooves them! They go with absolutely everything. Who would have thought that pink cowboy boots could be so versatile?? I've seen them on clearance at Target and I'm trying to find her next size up for next year.


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