Monday, March 14, 2011

Model Monday ~ Wishful Thinking

Dress * Carter's Outlet * $7
Sweater * Gymboree *  $9 ish (end of the season sale last year)
Leggings * Gymboree* $ 7ish (purchased with a twenty percent off coupon)
Boots * Old Navy * $3 (end of the season clearance)
Bow * Piggy's Place *  I can't remember how much this one was it was a two pack.

We are totally keeping our fingers crossed for spring now.  It's beautiful today and the high is supposed to be in the mid forties.  I am hoping for an after nap walk to the mailbox. I cannot wait to be able to walk like that every day.  We need to blow the winter stink off of us, it's getting more than a little old. 


  1. You can have some of ours. It's 75 here today. That's a little too hot a little too fast for me!

  2. Mid 40s?! That's still cold to me! It's 57 right now and gorgeous. I'm crossing my fingers for you. And Ms Thing looks totally adorable and ready for Spring, too.


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