Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parkle Fingers For Mommy ( A Mini Review)

Blecchhhhh, first of all I am apologizing for referring to myself as mommy in the title of this post, my only excuse is the title is a direct quote from Miss Icie after seeing me latest foray into nail stickers.

I had a coupon a few weeks ago for three dollars off of these Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips and Walgreens was running a buy one get one half off  so I picked up two sets.  I like these strips, but I'm not in love.  My biggest complaint was the lack of choices in the package that seemed wide enough for my nail bed.  I don't know maybe I just have fatty fat fingers, but none of the options fit my thumb right.  I have a little blank spot in the corners of each thumb. The don't look horrible and they are much cheaper when you figure in sales and coupons in comparison to the Sephora stickers I've tried in the past. Oh and the smell really really strong when you open the packaging because they are made of real nail polish, something the is a complete non issue with the Sephora stickers.  One thing is for sure, they still look better than any manicure I could try to give myself.  My hands are too shaky to pull off anything special, so these are still a good option.  So if you have shaky hands and are impatient about drying time like I am these are good option to put a little zing into you nails for a few days.


  1. They look good on you! I would've never noticed the blank spot on your thumb if you hadn't said anything. I didn't realize they were made of polish! That's kinda cool, but I could imagine they smell pretty bad at first.

  2. yay for nail posts!
    Sally Beauty Supply has an even cheaper brand of nail stickers. I bought but have been too afraid to try! maybe for our date i'll give em a go lol

  3. Loving the parkle fingers. I'm super impressed you tried them! I feel like I need to step it up now...

  4. holla for the nails painted in bling * hot!

  5. Those are awesome nails!!

    I gave you an award! Come by and pick it up:


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