Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ This Is How I See Myself.

Most of the time I forget I'm an adult.  I think some one's going to bust in my house and send me back to school.  I still feel like I'm playing pretend.  It's the best kind of pretend.  I get snapped out of this fantasy world when I sit down to pay our two mortgages. I get snapped out of the fantasy world when I realize that in less than thirty days, I'll be the landlord to that baby I'm holding.  I get snapped out of it when I look down and my pants are no longer pegged in a desperate attempt to be as cool as my big sister. I get snapped out of it when I realize that it's been over thirteen years since I lived in that house that I still think of as home.  I get snapped out of it when I remember no one I know lives in that house anymore.  I get snapped out of it as I type this post a two year old is singing "I have a dream..."  at my feet.  Sometime though it's nice to still think of yourself as twelve year old. 

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  1. Oh, to be 12 again. Well, at least without the responsibility and the crappy parts of being an adult.

  2. I love this post; I am still surprised that I get to drive by myself...


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