Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday But With Words ~ Spin Cycle

Last night after dinner before the storms rolled in, we played in the driveway.  The sky was completely split in half.  One side was blue with the fluffiest clouds and the other side was a menacing mix of black and gray.  Thunder rolled in the distance, and we watched ran fall across the empty field  in front of our house.  The rain never hit our play session, it just rolled away. 
These pictures aren't from last night.  We played with bubbles, pretended to be ninjas (thanks to The Backyardigans Icie is back in full HI-YA mode) , we spun around in circles while we listened to songs from Tangled drifting out from an Ipod in the garage. 
The light, the rain that never quite made it to us, the bubbles, little feet spinning in circles all taunted me to run inside and grab my camera.  I resisted and enjoyed my time on spin cycle with my fellow ninja, dancer, singer, and bubble blower extraordinaire.  I knew I had a bubble shoot lingering in my downloaded files, and I didn't want to miss my spin cycle.

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  1. Great pictures! Isn't it nice when they just enjoy being a kid...cuz then we can enjoy them? They grow up too fast.

  2. Adorable pictures, such a happy girl!

    I love doing Wordless Wednesday, I have a hard time being wordless too :)


  3. She is so cute! Love the blue jacket.


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