Saturday, April 16, 2011

You Like It?

Last weekend we had some nice weather.  It was perfect timing.  Dave was away on a business trip and without my relief partner it was nice to have the opportunity to play outside as a "wear her out" mechanism.  We have a very cute children's zoo in our town.  The entire month of April they offer half price admission.  Icie and I spent time wandering around and looking at the animals last Saturday.  The weather was nice, still a little crisp, but so comfortable. 
This was the first time I gave Icie free reign to walk the zoo.  She was thrilled.  She shrieked, "Come on, Mommy, Come on!"  more times than I could count.  I crouched down to her level and pointed out each animal, and to that I was always met with, "You like it, Mommy? You like it?  I like it!".  It didn't matter what we were looking at, that was the standard response. 
The people walking along next to us were all asked, "YOOOOUUU like it?"  with and enthusiasm that could not even be conveyed with any number of o's used to stretch it out.   Random little girls were called, "Te-Te and Ella"  and little boys were all met with, "Come on Chico, Come on!"  I must have said, "No no that's not Te-Te, that's not Ella,  his name is not Chico" a million times.  It didn't matter.  Everyone is met with the same enthusiasm and the same names.  Icie doesn't discriminate. 
Everyone will be asked, "You like it?" and if you are a girl your name is Ella or Te-Te and if you are a boy, you are Chico. 
You can be certain that before, during, or after everyone of these pictures from last weekend, someone was just asked, "You like it?".


  1. Ha! Kids have one-track minds. You got some good pics - I'm glad you were able to get out. It's been so windy here lately, we don't dare go out.

  2. She is so adorable! And I love her enthusiam ... the innocent view of the world through a childs eyes, the happiness, it makes it all worth it to see that!


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