Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maybe, Hopefully, A Solution?

Today I'm celebrating an early victory in the battle to preserve Gogo.  I wish that I would have bought two Gogos but I had no idea he'd be such a hit.  I spotted this monkey at Babies R Us last week and thought he may be able to slide into the number one spot.  A Gogo for big girls if you will. 
Icie quickly dubbed him Purrrrpull Monkey.  While he is not purple he does kind of resemble a monkey in episode of Team Umizoomi so that's my guess as to why he's been named as such. 
I still have my eyes out for a real Gogo, but I'm not holding my breath.  If anyone sees him, please grab him for me.  You have no idea how grateful we'd be,  like your picture as a permanent fixture on the side bar of this here blog grateful.  Forever immortalized on the interwebs as the Gogo master you will be.   He's made by Osh Kosh.  I keep checking our local outlet and Kohls (who seems to have the biggest Osh Kosh displays) but no dice.  If anyone has any other suggestions please let us know.  Gogo is looking rough and although I am hopeful for success with Purrrrpull Monkey, I'm ready to put all my eggs in that basket just yet. 


  1. Owen is the same with his lovie. its so disgusting and ripped apart, but carters doesn't make it anymore. It was like $7 but now you can pick it up on ebay for $40! can you believe people ????? I got him the new style but he knows its not the same. He's kind of over it all now, but it was drama for awhile.
    With Lydia I made the extra lovie purchase and she could care less. So now I have a brand new pooh lovie just sitting sad in a drawer.
    I'm trying to get some time for "me" and go out to monroeville, so if i see Gogo I'll grab him!

  2. how much do you really want him?

    Everything has a price:)


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