Monday, May 2, 2011

Model Monday ~ I Need My Chapstick!!!!!!

First it was the disdain with my choice of her shoes this morning.
Then disaster struck and she needed her "lips-sad-lips" (Icie speak for chapstick).
And finally she was over the picture taking.
long sleeve t * gymboree; short sleeve t * children's place; jeans * target; shoes * vans; bow *piggy's place

I enjoyed a weekend in Pittsburgh attending a wedding shower for my oldest friend and (gulp) becoming a landlord for the first time.  It's just my little brother and a couple of his friends for the summer in our Pittsburgh house, but I am brimming with anxiety of the whole new set of responsibilities that it all brings.  I came home to a super sweet, lovely, adorable toddler wielding a cupful of handpicked flowers.  Arms outstretched, sweet kisses and hugs and shrieks of "Mommy you're back!".  It was delightful and my heart overflowed.  Then, this morning as though I had never been gone, and the excitement of my return completely lost from her memory, terrible two Icie has returned full forced.  I missed her.  I even missed the shrieks and screams that have become the back drop of my typing right now as she sits in time out for her latest transgression.


  1. lol sad lips! so cute!!!
    sad I missed you this weekend =( we'll catch ya next time!!!

  2. Awwww. Isn't it so nice when they're sweet and actually show that they miss you? And then they come back. LOL Happy Monday.

  3. How dare you pick out shoes that may offend her and not produce chapstick immediately on demand. What kind of house are you running over there!?

    Even being a grump Icie is still the cutest!


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