Monday, May 9, 2011

Model Monday ~ Monkeys Reign Supreme

Dress and Shoes * Crazy 8  ****  Soft pants * Old Navy  ****  Bow * Piggy's Place

The morning started with lip rolls and rubbing eyes.  Miss Thing actually slept half way decent last night, but she seemed to be more prickly this morning.  Sometimes it seems the better she sleeps the longer it takes for her to get in the groove in the morning.
After a few minutes of pouty grumpiness Icie decided it was time to dance.  She headed to her stage and tapped it out.  After a minute of breaking it down a kitty cat  on TV caught her attention.  The dance party had to stop in order for Miss Thing to call out "Aww kitty sooooo cute! C'mere kitty! C'mere boy! Good boy!". 
The kitty distraction was gone and it was time to break it down again. 
Two people sent me links to eBay sales of Gogo yesterday.  I'm still not sure if I can swallow paying fifty dollars yet for a replacement friend.  I'm hopeful though because as you can see in the top picture Purrpull Monkey made it downstairs this morning and Gogo was left in bed (can you say fingers crossed).
I also want to point out that Miss Thing picked her shoes and bow this morning and the soft pants will be shed when the temperature rises this afternoon.  We are supposed to hit the mid seventies today!  


  1. Gogo is not at Kohl's Monroeville =( I took a pic of your photo with my cell, so I'll be on the look out for him! Maybe the GC outlets have him

  2. her shoes are too sweet * *

  3. Such a cute outfit! I wish there was rhyme or reason as to why the boys get up better some days and not's a mystery. LOL


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