Monday, May 23, 2011

Model Monday ~ Priorities

Dress * Target
Shoes * Vans

I'm a crappy mom. I'm a crappy mom because the whole time I was taking these pictures Miss Icie was asking, " I carry you, Mommy? I carry you?". I'm not sure why she asks this way, but she does. My brother did too. I ignored her requests long enough to snap my pictures. I was too proud of my Target find. I actually bought this dress for her last fall at the end of the season clearance. I was so proud of my $3 find that I waited to enjoy some very rare snuggles as I carried my little lady downstairs this morning. I got my priorities straight though and enjoyed my squeezes right before we crossed the gate into the living room. I was forgotten as soon as her feet hit the floor, abandoned for the Little People stash by the fire place (a.k.a. the mountain, volcano, roller coaster, boat, car, airplane or farm to Icie's Little People.)

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  1. I tried to buy that same dress for Pie, and could never find the right size. But this confirms it was as cute as I thought it would be!


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