Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soup For Dummies (And When I Say Dummy, I Mean Me)

I am not a recipe kind of a gal.  I've tried in the past to do recipe posts, but they really don't suit me.  I typically follow a recipe once, and then go about tweaking it until the recipe doesn't even matter anymore. I think this was something I came across awhile back in a Rachel Ray cookbook.  It's easy, crock pot friendly, and delicious. 
Yesterday was dreary and it called for a little soup. Dave teaches two evenings a week, and when I'm on top of my game I whip up something in the crock pot.  Icie and I can eat at our normal time, and Dave has a hot meal waiting when he gets home. 

The Ingredients
Olive Oil
Fire Roasted Tomatoes
Diced Peppers
Green Onion
Roasted Red Peppers

I turn my crock pot up to high and give the bottom a coat of olive oil.  I took help from the store yesterday and bought my squash and peppers pre-diced.  The eggplant, green onions, and roasted red peppers all got a quick dirty chop.  I usually put the eggplant and squash in first because they take the longest to soften up and I like having them directly on the heat.  If you aren't in a hurry just toss it all in and let it hang out on high for a few hours.  If things look a little too thick and chunky I sometimes add a cup or so of vegetable broth to thing things out.  Sometimes I like it to be a little thicker  and I leave it alone.  The thicker style is great to put on a hoagie bun with some mozzarella cheese.  Sometimes I add more or less of one of the veggies depending on what looks good and what is in season.  Yesterday I added some extra diced tomatoes besides the canned just because they were on sale.  I don't measure anything, ever.  I love that this soup is really fool proof.  A little salt, pepper, and a pinch of garlic seasoning and it's good to go.  I added a little shaved parmesan and splash of hot sauce to my bowl last night, yum!


  1. YUM. When can I come over for leftovers?

  2. Oh, this looks so good!! It's cloudy and drizzly today - it would be perfect for tonight. Too bad I'm not home. :(


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