Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spill Proof My A@#

We totally missed our Model Monday opportunity yesterday.  I know, we suck, but we actually were busy yesterday.  Icie had her thirty month well check.  I was so curious to see how tall she was, and what she weighed.  Icie had a nasty virus this winter and her weight took a dip during that drama.  It took us a good while to get her back on track and with a picky eater it was even harder.  I was so pleased to see that not only had she put on the three pounds that she lost this winter, but she also added three and half more pounds.  I had a hunch that she had grown quite a bit since her two year check up, considering the almost constant upgrading of her clothes lately.  So when it was confirmed that she shot up two and a half inches in the past six months I was not surprised at all.  The growth spurt puts her solidly in the seventy-fifth percentile for her age. 
I was really worried about this appointment because the older she gets the more traumatizing vaccines have become.  It breaks my heart to have to hold her down while she screams her head off, plus girlfriend is crazy strong.  I was so happy when the nurse confirmed that there were no shots to be had during this visit.  The only part of the appointment that was a little iffy was the ear check.  I think Icie knows that nothing good comes from her ears being looked at, in the past it's always been done during ear infection visits.  Luckily the tears were minimal and when it was over I got a pathetically cute hand clap and a shout of, "ALL DONE!". 
We talked about Icie's sleep habits and her development and any insecurities or fears I had were completely put to rest.  I am going to make a point though for curiosity's sake to make a list of how many words she actually uses.  I estimated somewhere around two hundred but I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate.  Icie played shy with the doctor and refused to answer any of his questions although I knew she knew how to answer.  The second the doctor got up to leave the room though she shouted, "Okay, goodbye doctor, see you later!"  as he walked out the door. 
After the appointment the excitement of it all must have gotten the best of Miss Thing because we hadn't even hit our street and she was already knocked out.  She took a two hour nap. It was amazing. 
After the epic nap we hit McDonald's for an early dinner and some play time.  It was perfect timing.  There were two little girls that were two and three there with their great grandparents.  Icie and the girls ate together and played for almost an hour and a half like they were long lost pals.  This was great for Icie, but even more so for me.  The last time we had been in an indoor play area  I left feeling like the worst mother in the world.  Icie had given a little girl an really enthusiastic hug and knocked her over, and another parent gave me a look that was filled with such disgust( and for the record neither girl was hurt and each of them walked away laughing and I did intervene to tell Icie to settle down).  I, who hate confrontation, was actually pushed to the point of making a nasty comment on the way out of the play area.  I was pleased to see yesterday that our lessons of gentle and hands to yourself seem to be taking a bit of a hold in Miss Thing's little head. 
After our whirlwind afternoon of glamour we decided to top it all off with a trip to Target.  Icie is in love with the sugar cookies from them snack bar.  I let her indulge while I wandered aimlessly.  We really didn't need anything except for nail polish remover, it was just one of those relaxing strolls through Target that we do every so often. 
I was sucked into two impulse purchase from the As Seen On TV display.  We picked up an Easy Feet and a Gyro Bowl.  The Easy Feet is already in my shower and my feet are happy.  The Gyro Bowl is on my shit list already. I decided to give it a whirl this morning by giving Icie some cheerios in it, while I got ready. 
The Gyro Bowl people haven't met Icie.


  1. Lydia toppled hers too... though Owen can carry it like a briefcase and never has an issue. The worst is when you get things stuck between the inner and outer bowls =\

  2. I practically spit my oatmeal out when I read your last comment about your favorite new bowl. I love when things are advertised as "spill-proof" or "break-proof". Apparently those claims don't hold true with toddlers. ANY toddlers. LOL

  3. So glad Icie was able to avoid the dreaded shots.

    And really glad I haven't bought that bowl yet. I keep looking at it, but I'll save myself the money now!


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