Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Edit Me ~ Week Four

This week's photo was provided by one of my newest followers, Sarah.  Sarah takes awesome pictures over at Naptime Momtog.  Thanks for following me Sara, I was so excited to get my hands on one of your pictures. 

Here is Sarah's original shot.

Here's my first take.

So one this edit, I cropped, rounded the corners, added a little punch to the blue and red colors in the picture and the applied a layer of the gritty function, all in Picnik.   I liked this edit.  It was pretty simple though, so I went a few steps further for my official entry.  
I cropped again and twisted the orientation just a smidge.  I then added a bit more curve on the rounded corners.  I also used the adjusted the black and white threshold a smidge to make the sky appear a bit more stormy. 
Here's where I landed.

Check out more takes on Sarah's great picture over at Branson's blog!
My Reflection of Something


  1. It does look really stormy. It's crazy how some tweaks can change the look of a picture so completley!

  2. I really love it. Looks amazing!

  3. Oh, I love your edit. I went the stormy route just had that feel to it.

  4. Very different and interesting! It does look like there's a storm a brewing! :)

  5. Absolutely love love love these edits! I use picnik too. Love it!

  6. WIN! I really need to find a good pic of Mason for you to play with! I (well, you) have gotten a bunch of compliments on the Nate pic I have on my desktop at work.

  7. I used picnik too, great stormy look.

  8. I really like the contrast and color in your first edit! The second is also very creative! Great job!

  9. Really pretty edits! The sky looks amazing. xo


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