Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ Ink and Granpa

My grandparents are all gone.  They have been for years.  Some were gone before I was born.  I remember some of them.  My great grandfather was long gone before I was born.  I don't know a whole lot about him.  I'm pretty sure that he passed away when my mom was relatively young.  She mentions him from time to time, but most of her memories center around my great grandmother.
One story I've heard about him more than once involved Ink.  Ink is the dog in the picture.  My mom remembers Ink taking these crazy running fits all around the yard.  I'm pretty sure this picture was a post running fit snuggle.  If I know nothing else about the man, I know he enjoyed his dog and that makes my heart happy. 

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  1. Oh I love this! What a great photo. We've always called it "getting the rips" when one of our family dogs goes on a crazy running jag.

  2. What a cool picture and story to have.

    I know nothing about my great grandparents. And barely knew my grandparents. I love that Pie has access to several generations.

  3. Great photo and I love your explanation. I don't know much about my great grandparents and I only have one grandparent left. I'm so glad my boys have all 4 of their grandparents (5, really, but that's another story) to enjoy - even though they don't appreciate it now.

  4. Oh, I adore old, old photos like this one. Ink is a cute dog name, by the way. (Dropped by from FF.)

  5. Like you, most of my grandparents were gone before I was born and others shortly after. It's great that you have pictures like this one and snippets like this one.


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