Monday, June 6, 2011

Model Monday ~ From 2T to 5T in One Year.

Shirt ~ Gymboree Outlet
Shorts ~ Target
Shoes ~ Meijer
Bow ~ Target

We hit the park early this morning.  It was already starting to get a bit sticky when we left around eleven.  We went from a high of forty-six degrees less than two weeks ago to a high of eighty-six today.  The up and down weather hit us all hard.  Dave started the rotation with a summer cold, then Icie, and now on to me.  Icie still has a bit of a runny nose, but she seems to be unbothered otherwise.  I'm still feeling like death warmed over.  
Dave rarely gets sentimental about Icie's clothing, but he loved this top last year.  I was so excited to see it make it's way to the Gymboree outlet this summer.  Icie wore this in a 2T last year and this year she's shot up to a 5T.  She's getting way too big, way too fast. 
Here's a side by side for comparison sake.  Excuse me while I miss my baby. 


  1. Oh the side-by-sides kill me!

    I can't believe how big Icie is getting!! Slow down baby girl!

  2. 5T?!?! wow!

    Your kid will totally beat my kid up one day, I know it! LOL j/j

  3. Look how much she's changed in a little less than a year ago! That top is so cute. Glad you were able to find it for her size this year! I'm not diggin our weather, either! Almost 90 today with a bunch of smoke from the huge Eastern AZ wildfire - NOT a good combo.


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