Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Edit Me Week 11

Today's picture is courtesy of Beth at Our Typical Life.  A very simple picture of her daughter Lauren, that I would have maybe just added a vignette border to and left alone, but what fun would that be?  I decided to get a little more artsy with this one. 

Here's the original.
Here's my edit.

I adjusted the coloring a bit using the cross process function on  I added a vignette border, the brick texture and finally headed over to the Christmas section and added the star texture on top of it all.  This was a great picture to get a little creative with, the simplicity of the original really let me have fun with the texture layers. 
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My Reflection of Something


  1. I really like the brick texture. What a fun image.

  2. I really like this - it looks like a poster or a painting! Great job!

  3. It looks like she's been painted onto the wall! NEAT EDIT!

  4. I really should start checking Picnick... I have been seeing very cool edits using it.

  5. Very cool creative edit! Looks like a painted mural! So fun!


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