Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Edit Me Week Ten

So, last week's edit was a total womp-womp moment.  I knew it too,  I was too bummed out to really focus last week and that resulted in a way less than stellar edit.  I contemplated deleting the post all together, but I decided to leave it so I can reference back when I finally write a post about what went down last week.  This probably sounds way more dramatic than it needs to be, we are all fine, great in fact, but last week was rough for me. 
This week  I was determined to do way better.  Ginger from My Life Just As It Is provided the picture this week. 
Here's the original.

Here's my edit.

As always I used for all my edits.  First, I used the vibrance tool and punched it up so that the red of the bucket would be up a notch when I added the black and white layer.  I also used the focal soften tool to really put the focus on that adorable little sand covered foot.  Lastly, I added that cute little quote I found from a five year old on a scrapbooking website.  I thought it just fit perfectly. 
Head on over to Branson's blog to check out more edits of this great picture.
My Reflection of Something


  1. That selective coloring was a great idea!

  2. thank you for joing us this sweek!love love love it! great job!

  3. Excellent edit, I love the color seleciton and the foucs you placed on that cute little foot! You must have the premium version of Picnik, is it worth it to upgrade?

  4. I thought of selective coloring but glad I didnt attempt it cause you nailed it

  5. I liked last week's edit, just not as much as your previous edits. This, however, is great! I love the splash of color and then the quote down at the bottom just makes it precious. It was a week of bummers last week - myself included. I hope you're working through whatever it was and I'm "here" if you need a shoulder to lean on.

  6. Adorable quote! And I like that you kept only the red bucket for the color in the picture. cute.

  7. I had a not-so-great edit last week, as well. :/

    This edit is great, though! The quote is perfect, especially combined with the selective coloring. Great job this week!

  8. You chose the perfect item to color in your selective dolor... it really pops. The quote is so cute as well! Great job!


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