Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ Cop Out

So I missed last week's Flashback Friday and this week I'm only flashing back a few weeks ago.  My computer is a mess and all my pictures are safely on a flash drive.  I have a fear of losing them though so until my new computer is here next week, I'm just pulling from my Picnik files. 
Our friend Pablo came for a visit and helped Dave plant trees.  He brought that little one, because it's the same age as Icie and they can grow up together.  How thoughtful was that? 
Icie took the time to break in her sidewalk paint and I documented the process.
Check out some real flashbacks with Lauren over at Heya Sparky.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is seriously the sweetest... a tree the same age!! I've never even thought of such a thing but now I MUST do the same when I have a kid. So don't worry about the cop-out b/c I'm really glad I read this.

  2. Emily this is such a great shot, and such a sweet story too.

  3. love this shot! and a great idea to have a tree to grow up with her!

  4. Visiting from FF. I just wanted to say what a sweet idea it is to get a tree the same age so they can grow up together. Positively precious!! Awwwwww

    Enjoyed my visit. Hope to be back each week for FF.


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