Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Almost Forgot!

One of my oldest friends is a beauty product rock star.  Brooke  runs the blog, Blushing Noir and if you are ever in doubt about a beauty product, check her out chances are she's tried it and reviewed it.  Brooke tagged me in THIS post way back on June 14th.  We had some busy weeks in between now and then and I almost forgot about it.  I really wanted to do this post though because under Brooke's guidance I've started focusing on quality products as opposed to quantity junk.  Dave is slowly becoming the best of friends with the people at the local Sephora.  I'll mention something I saw on Brooke's blog or as a result of some research after reading one of her posts and he'll file it away as possible gift idea.  It's nice to get these things as a gift, because it totally relieves me of any mommy guilt I may have on the splurge.  Now that I'm done rambling here are my top ten beauty products.

1.  Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves - It's nice alternative to Bumble and Bumble's wave spray and it cost about a quarter of the BB version. 

2. Face Lift Brow Patch - I've picked these up a few times when they are on sale.  I'm super super paranoid about forehead wrinkles, but I'm so not ready to head the botox route.  This patch and the lotion that is included in the package have definitely improved the look of my brow wrinkle. 

3. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - This spray is a great alternative to powder in the summer months.  It definitely helps preserve my makeup. I am a super sweat girl so that's really saying something.

4. MAC Surf Baby Skin Sheen Bronzer in Gilty Bronze - Awesome, awesome, awesome bronzer.  It blends so nicely with a brush and leaves just the right amount of age appropriate shimmer.  I have not used traditional blush since I got this a few months ago.

5. Lorac Visual Effects Mascara in Jet Black - I love mascara and this one is perfect for a more dramatic look.

6. Lorac Eyeshadow in Serenity - This is a great everyday eye shadow.  It actually came in a little package deal from Sephora with the mascara and a lip gloss.  The lip gloss was the only miss in the package.

7. Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara - This also came in a package deal from Sephora with summer Too Faced products.  This is my everyday mascara.  I love it. 

8. Too Faced Shadow Insurance - This is a great eye shadow primer. Brooke suggested Too Faced products on her blog so when I saw the summer package I couldn't help but give it a whirl. 

9. MAC Summer Stash Crushed Metallic Pigment - This actually came with two other stack able shades in more of a purple tone, but these neutrals have been seeing the most use.  These also offer great blend able age appropriate shimmer on my eyes.

10. Clinical Strength Waterproof Secret - This is the only antiperspirant that even comes close to helping me out. Have I mentioned I'm a super sweater?

Brooke's post says I should tag ten more people to participate, but I'll just leave it open to anyone who wants to join the party.  Let me know if you post!


  1. How fun! I've never used TFSI, but I've heard all sorts of good things about it. As for bronzer, I haven't found a good one yet. :(

  2. Thanks for the post and all of the awesome comments ;) I love your stuff and will be checking out the Garnier! I'm FLYING through the B&B stuff lol

    Megan - Chanel makes the BEST bronzers! If you'd like to go the drugstore route Physicians Formula and even Wet N Wild makes some great bronzers as well!!


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