Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fears Conquered

My parents bought Icie this Buzz Lightyear space ship thing for Christmas.  We had it in the basement during the winter.  This spring we moved it to the garage for what we thought would be a summer of Buzz-tastic fun. 
We underestimated Icie's memory.  During our long snowy winter we headed to the basement at least once a day.  Our basement is unfinished and is a great place to let a little one burn off some steam by just running around.  The Buzz space ship was there to try out on the cement floor, really a perfect testing ground. 
Icie didn't really get the whole move your feet like Fred Flintstone to make it move deal. She tried, but she was more content to sit in it for awhile and play with the steering wheel and push the buttons.  She would tire of it and ask for help to get out.  I figured she'd get it one day before spring and have a blast outside when the weather cleared. 
Then it happened,  she ran herself over. 
A pair of slippery leggings and some fast footwork caused Miss Thing to slide off the seat as the space ship rolled over her.  She didn't cry, but she seemed to be in a bit of shock.  I turned my back and tried not to laugh. 
From that day forward,  if she was sitting in the space ship she would not move her feet at all.  Most of the time she wouldn't even get in the space ship, she'd just kneel beside it and hit the buttons.  Then, yesterday out of the blue she asked, "Need help, da Buzz ?" .  Dave pulled it out to the driveway, and plopped her in, I fully expected her to sit as she always did.  Dave told her to walk with her feet to make it go, and I sat at the other end of the driveway watching.  I was amazed at what I saw next.  She did it!  She walked the whole way down to the end of the driveway, and with some help from me turning around headed right back up to Dave. 
Bam, fears conquered!


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