Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ Accomplice

There are a few things this picture brings to mind. The first of which that, more than a little blows my mind is, that my brother is only a few months older than Icie is right now in that picture.  I feel old, considering that he's now moving out of my Pittsburgh house to head back to school for his last year of college.  The next very obvious thing about this picture is that I was still in my delusional "cheerleading will make me popular" phase.  I'm pretty sure that I was walking around breaking down eight counts for anyone that would listen or watch.
The last thing about this picture is not so obvious, but it springs into my head none the less.  The car in the background was the first new car my parent's ever bought together.  It was a smooth Chevy Celebrity.  It's also the first car that I was forced to be an accomplice to a crime in.  
My parents and my brother were gone for the night.  They had taken our other car.  I had cheerleading practice.  I had made arrangements to get a ride home from a friend.  I was fully expecting to get home, hang out watching MTV and eating chips and salsa for dinner.  I didn't expect my sister to be home.  She didn't expect me to be home so soon either, I suppose. 
My friend's dad made the turn into our neighborhood.  My sister and her friend were heading up the hill as I was headed down.  They were heading up the hill in the Celebrity.  There were two problems with that.  My sister didn't have license and her friend only had a permit.  They saw me and immediately stopped the car in a parking lot at the top of the hill. 
My friend's dad dropped me off and my sister and her friend came rolling back down the hill.  I'm pretty sure I was unable to say much before I was shoved into the backseat. 
My sister snapped at me, "Now you can't tell, because you are an accomplice." 
I am proud to say that little joyride was the beginning and end of my life of crime, pretty much.

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  1. haha. Smart of your sister to grab you and bring you into the crime. As a big sister myself, I probably would have done the same thing :)

  2. LMAO that is the best story! So glad I was an only child, omg.. lol Since I know the house I can totally picture the hill and the parking lot and it's making me crack up more.
    You do the best flashbacks!!!


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