Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ancient Methods ~ It's A...

Week two of checking out old wives tales about gender takes us back to some time tested methods. I decided to consult the Ancient Mayans and The Chinese Gender Chart.   The Chinese chart was correct with Icie and is said to have ninety percent success rate.  The Mayan chart relies on a version of numerology.  The theory is if you add your age with the year of conception it will predict the gender of your baby.  Even numbers equal girls and odd numbers equal boys. 

Whatever the theory the ancient methods agree.  This round goes pink.

Week One ~ Boy

Week Two ~ Girl


  1. lol I love these posts!
    the ancient chinese stuff was opposite with both of my kids. Owen should have been a girl and Lydia should have been a boy, according to China.

  2. LOL How fun! I remember doing that chart for both my pregnancies and they were both right (even though I really wanted the second one to be wrong).

  3. Maybe you have boy/girl twins in there.... :)

    When I was pregnant with Ava I did the Chinese gender chart and it was right.

    This is fun Emily!


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