Thursday, September 15, 2011

Does the heart lie? ~ It's a...

This week I decided to address the old wives tale that has to do with the heart rate of the baby determining the sex.  During the first trimester of pregnancy the fetal heart rate can be anywhere from the 120's to the 190's and be considered normal.  The heart rate slows a bit in the second trimester but on average it tops out in the 160's.   The old wives tale states that the lower the heart rate the more likely the baby is a boy.  A heart rate of 140 or lower predicts a boy and anything over 140 is a girl. 
I have had four appointments thus far where the heart rate of the baby has been recorded.  At seven weeks it was 166,  at nine weeks it was 177, at eleven weeks it was 170, and this week at fifteen weeks the heart rate was 160.   This week goes team pink according to this old wives tale. 

So here's our current tally. 

Week One - Boy
Week Two - Girl
Week Three Ring - Girl
Week Three Pencil - Boy
Week Four - Girl

We have three more weeks of this little experiment before we find out the baby's gender on October 7th.  If anyone has any old wives tales they'd like me to try please feel free to list them in the comments.


  1. Luanns bday is Oct 7! ahhhh! lol
    Owens HB was faster than Lydias... I'm still on team Boy!

  2. Hmmm...looks like it's leaning a little on the pink side. LOL These are so much fun! And I'm with BN - I'm Team Boy. October 7th..hurry up!!

  3. Isla's heart rate was always really fast (170's) and this baby's rate is slow (120's), so I'm wondering if this wives tale holds any truth??

    Either way, I think Icie is getting a sister! :)

  4. I forgot about this one! But all three of my kiddos had super fast heartbeats throughout the pregnancies and you know how that tuned out!


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