Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Edit Me ~ Week 17

My day got away from me today, so here's my quick and dirty Edit Me post. 

Here's the original.

Here's my edit.

I used as always.  The picture was rotated, cropped, softened, and a texture layer was added.  I love the barn in this picture and really wanted to keep the focus on that classic barn red. 

Check out more fun edits of this picture over at Branson's blog.


  1. Very interesting edit! Have you ever edited with

  2. For some reason this totally makes me think of the tornado scene in the wizard of oz! I think it is the angle... I am looking for witc feet to be sticking out from beneath! LOL! How fun!

  3. playing with perspective is so much fun! amazing how just turning a shot a little on the angle changes it entirely. and i noticed some cool texture in the corner!


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