Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kindergarten Splash Zone

Lela and Ella on Ella's first black and gold day. Picture taken by my sister, edited by me.

My niece, Ella started kindergarten this year.  It was a nerve racking experience for all of us, especially my sister.  Ella has never been a fan of the drop off at her part time daycare, and the anxiety was getting the best of her in the weeks leading up to the big first day of school.
We all made deals with her, trying to make the transition easier for her and my sister.  I even offered to buy her the American Girl doll of her choice if she made it a full two weeks without crying or fussing at the drop off point.  My one hundred plus dollars are still safely in my pocket.  
Ella likes her actual kindergarten class.  She seems to like her teacher, and she already knew at least one kid in her class.  
The drop off point is where all the problems seemed to lie in the first week of school.  Ella is dropped off at one elementary school in the district for the breakfast program with my older niece, Lela.  After breakfast Lela stays on at that school and Ella (along with all of the other kids that are in third grade or younger) is loaded onto a bus and taken a few miles down the road to her elementary school.
Ella has gotten better with the routine, but still doesn't like the bus so much.  I'm glad and relieved that she's adjusting and getting more comfortable as the weeks go on, because I'm not sure I would be handling things as well at that age. 
Why?  Doesn't sound too bad, does it?  She's doing great in her class, loving it really.  What's the big deal?  Well the big deal is that in less than one month into her kindergarten experience Miss Ella has been puked on twice, by the same kid. The second time was so bad that my sister had to pick her up, take her home and give her a full on bath before returning her back to school.  Ella's take on the whole situation, "At least I get to see you in the middle of the day."  she said to my sister as they headed off to get cleaned up.  My sister was just telling Ella the morning that the second puke happened to be nice to the kid that puked on her since Ella had mentioned he was having a rough time adjusting to kindergarten.  The new advice to Ella, "Be nice but stay out of the splash zone."

Ella and Lela on the first day of school, pre puke number one. Picture taken by sister edited by me.

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  1. OMG Owen's gf is getting TALL!
    Puked on twice. She should play the lotto.
    They are beautiful girls <3


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