Thursday, September 22, 2011

Look Deep Into My Eyes ~ It's A...

This week's old wives tale is not one I've heard before.  It's the eye test.  The test states to pull the skin down under your left eye, if there is a v shape formed by your veins you are having a girl.  Some of these test stated that if there is a v shape under your right eye that the baby is boy.  Most websites however only included the left eye girl theory.  I decided to stick with the majority rules way I've been playing with these old wives tales, so this week goes team blue.

Here's the weekly break down of the old wives tales.

Week One - Boy
Week Two - Girl
Week Three Ring - Girl
Week Three Pencil - Boy
Week Four - Girl
Week Five - Boy

All tied up now.  We have two weeks left until the moment of truth.   If need be the last week I'll pick two tests for a tiebreaker.


  1. belly photo! I love the pic! You look great, I'm loving the hurr!
    Team Blue!

  2. This one cracked me UP!! You're 16 weeks already? My, how time flies! Goooooo team BLUE!

  3. You look so cute! Love the pic. And seriously, boy/ girl twins are baking in your oven.


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