Monday, September 26, 2011

Maternity Monday ~ 17 Weeks


How far along:  17 weeks
Gender:  Hopefully by 8:45 a.m. on October 7th we’ll have the answer to this one.
Pregnancy Symptoms:  Super tired and achy hips.

Maternity Clothes:   I’m mostly still wearing my regular clothes.  I did break out a belly band to make my jeans a smidge more comfy this week.
Movement:  Some very faint flutters in the evening a few nights this week.

Best Moment of the Week:   I was able to take a delicious two hour nap yesterday.
Food Cravings: Milk, big ice cold glasses.

Weight Gain:   Still holding steady at minus eleven pounds since my positive pregnancy test, however everything feels like it’s shifting making me feel like I’ve gained more than a few pounds.

Days until Due Date:  161

What’s Happening This Week via The
Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. The umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes are now topped by one-of-a-kind prints.


  1. I can't believe you're at 17 weeks already. I swear I've missed the whole first half of this pregnancy. Can't wait to find out whose in there!

  2. Wow...this is flying by. Probably more for me than for you. LOL I'm so excited for October 7th!

  3. Oh man, I craved big classes of milk too. So good.


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