Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pencils and Rings ~ It's A...

So this week I decided to pair up two very similar old wives tales.  The first being the ring test.  You tie a piece of string to your wedding band and hold it over your belly.  If the ring moves in a circular motion the baby is a girl and if it moves in a back and forth motion it's a boy.   I have seen the results listed in the reverse manner on some sources, but after conducting a little online survey about ninety-five percent of the sites that I visited that referenced the ring test agreed with circular = girl and back and forth = boy.  I am taking the majority rule approach so the ring test went pink.

The pencil test is similar only it's supposed to not only predict the gender but the number of pregnancies you will have.  You place your hand on a solid surface palm up.  You then thread a needle and stick into the eraser end of a pencil.  Hold the pencil above your wrist, the pencil will circle a little bit and then settle into a solid up and down (finger to elbow) or back and forth motion.  The pencil will change course before it stops moving, note each course change.  My pencil went up and down, then back and forth, and then up and down again.  According to the myth then I would have a boy, girl, boy.  I know you all maybe thinking that automatically debunks this tale, but it doesn't.   This method supposedly predicts number of pregnancies (including miscarriages)  and gender.  I had a miscarriage the year before Icie was born. The gender of that baby was never known.   Icie would be my second, so it's right there with the girl prediction.  So according to this reading of the test this round went blue.  If my explanation of this test is confusing check out this blog post,  of all the sites that I visited while looking into the pencil test she really explained it the best. 

So here's the tally so far:

Week One - Boy
Week Two - Girl
Week Three Ring - Girl
Week Three Pencil - Boy

If anyone has any suggestions for what old wives tale to try next I would love to hear them. 

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