Friday, October 14, 2011

Flashback Friday ~ Snoopy?

I'm going to guess this is Halloween 1983 or 1984.  That's me rocking the famous "Snoopy" costume. My sister had a turn with that costume too.  We rocked the classics.  My sister is the ghost.  I have no idea who is rocking the E.T. costume.  Pssshtttt,  probably some neighbor kid being all showy with his store bought costume.   Poor kid, his mom didn't have time to craft the homemade love my sister and I wore.  Those were the days when a store bought costume = plastic uncomfortable mess.  Nothing like the store bought masterpiece Miss Icie will be wearing this year.  I am starting to rethink her costume though and break out some of my mom's old school skills considering how much Icie cracked up at The Great Pumpkin DVD we just watched. 

On a non Halloween note, Miss Lauren of Heya Sparky has decided to hang up her blogging shoes.  I'll miss her posts and hosting of Flashback Friday.  If you get a chance stop over to her farewell post and wish her the best.  Good Luck Lauren!!!


  1. Hilarious! We always wore homemade costumes growing up, too!

  2. ET scares me.... his eyes are moving, I swear!

  3. love the flashback Friday idea! you must carry it on! nothing better than some home made costumes! cute pic ;)

  4. I beleive ET is Buckley Obert. He came to town to trick or treat with us since the houses/trailers were miles apart in the country.


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