Friday, October 21, 2011

Stuck In My Head.

This song is stuck in my head today.  Want to know why?  Check  it out after the break.

It's official, we have another girl on the way.  Analia Tomasa looked great, healthy, and most of all some clear shots to ensure that she is indeed a she.  We are keeping with our family name tradition.  Annie was one of my great aunts,  sister to the original Icie and Emily..  Tomasa was Dave's grandmother's name. 


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! I am in love with her name!!! YAY!

  2. Oh congratulations Emily and Dave! I love your daughter's name and the history behind it. So happy that she is healthy and you are doing well! Hooray!

  3. Love the name! Bummer isn't not a boy but I'm glad you got to find out. Can't wait to meet Miss Annie!


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