Saturday, October 15, 2011

Your Call.

Every so often Icie gets a free pass on evening clean up time.   I try not to let it happen very often, because I’m a firm believer in the mess maker is the mess cleaner.  I’m about to institute a more CAGO (clean as you go for those of you who have never been Taco Bell employee) approach to clean up the older Icie gets.  Icie’s starting to follow directions and understand consequences more, so we’ll move to several smaller clean ups during the day rather than one really long clean up in the evening. 

Tonight, however was a free pass for Miss Thing.  I had two ulterior motives.  The first thing on my clean up agenda was to get rid of the some junk.  I do this every few months after she’s in bed.  I get rid of pieces parts, kid’s meal toys, borderline broken or worn out toys, and things that have long been forgotten.  Icie never notices, but if I tried this task in front of her she would no doubt lose her shit.   

I completed my purge and then headed onto the task I really had set my eyes on tonight.  I gathered up all her My Little Ponies, and spent about an hour brushing their hair.  I could not take it anymore.  The tangled up mess was driving me up a wall.  I sat on the floor and smiled at each tangle that was no more. 

So the big question really becomes, is this early pregnancy nesting or am I just a smidge bit crazy.  I’m leaning towards smidge bit crazy.


  1. I get rid of toys every now and then, he never notices!

    I bet brushing the little ponies hair was actually kind of fun :)

  2. LOL I brush the barbie hair... I can't stand them looking homeless when they're so obviously not ;) haha


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