Friday, November 11, 2011

Ahhhh, What a Week.

Dave aggravated an old herniated disc this week and ended up spending most of his time on the floor belly down.  Icie and I played nurse.  There have been many trips to the doctor and pharmacy.  Icie was a trooper when we ended up spending the bulk of her birthday morning starting at four-thirty in the morning in the ER.  
Icie and I ate cake alone,  while Dave spent the night in the hospital being pain managed and treated for an almost allergic type reaction to the high dose ibuprofen his PCP had prescribed.  We spent about four hours waiting with Dave in the ER before they got him a room.  Icie only had to be put in time out once, which was way better than I could have expected.   It was a minor infraction, but I wanted her to respect the hospital and learn some patience.
Icie and I headed home for a bit to pack a bag for Dave for the night and refresh a bit.  The room he finally got set up in was in the same building of the hospital as the birthing center where Miss Annie will be born.   We visited a bit in the afternoon and then Icie and I picked up her Nemo cake and headed home. 
It made me so sad for Dave missing it all, and for Icie missing her daddy.  Icie opened her gifts and we read lots and lots of bedtime stories that night.  I had to scrub a bunch of bright blue icing off her little fingers during her scrubby tubby that night all while my thoughts stayed with Dave. 
Things the rest of the week have been a blur.  Dave came home late Monday afternoon.  There was a follow up appointment on Tuesday morning and blood work.  Yesterday was an outpatient procedure to relieve the pressure on the herniated disc.  Luckily there's a Target right across the street from the surgery center, so Icie and I headed over there when she got restless.  We strolled and I worried.  Icie spent some of her birthday money. 
Everyone in scrubs is now  a doctor to Icie.  They are going to make her daddy all better.  Dave still is limping pretty heavily, but that's way better than the crawl he was doing last weekend. 
I'm tired, but it's a good tired at the end of the day.  I am taking care of my loves.  I miss my partner, but I'm proud to take over his "jobs" around the house.  I can do it.  I appreciate that he does them, but I can do them.  
Icie is doing more jobs, and the gates are slowly being opened.  The tantrums of  have shifted and have become fewer and farther in between. There are still tantrums but things are different.   The official three year old well visit at the doctor was not fun, but it was understandable.  The time change, a daddy away in the hospital, and the subsequent sugar crash all collided that morning. Icie and I both ended the appointment in tears.  The good news was that she is a healthy girl with a strong will. 
My 23 week doctor's appointment got jammed into this already packed week too.  Baby girl is doing well despite the little scare she gave us a few weeks ago with a discrepancy in her heart rate.  All my blood work and subsequent testing came back completely normal, and her heart rate stayed at a near perfect 150 throughout the appointment.  Little Analia even played a bit of keep away during the exam moving and rolling during the placement of the Doppler.  I can set a clock to her movement now, and she seems to be more of roller than a kicker.  Icie was a solid kicker and Annie's movements feel more like a kneading feeling. 
The blog will have a new look soon.  It's in the works.  I'll get back on track too. 


  1. Oh Emily, what a week. I'm glad that Dave is improving; it is so hard when a partner is out of commission. Also happy to hear that Annie is doing so well. Augusta was a roller too, such a trippy feeling! Hang in there friend!

  2. Look at you, Super Woman!! You have this thing down - you're doing so must be exhausted! I'm glad to hear that Dave is doing a little better. Back pain is one of those things that will take you down in an instant. It's nice to hear that Icie is settling down a bit (it took til well in to 4 before Nate started to settle down). I hope things calm down for you - you could use a break! Hang in there. Glad to hear your little Annie is doing well, too. :)


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