Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa Flop Sweat

When life gets stressful or exciting or {insert any other emotion here},  I get sweaty. It's not the glow of a happy pregnant woman, it's the sweat of a hog.  The response is about a bajillion times worse though now that I'm rounding the corner to the third trimester. 
I especially get nervous for new and or rare experiences with Icie. So you better believe that when it came time to hit the mall this morning to meet Santa, I was in rare form.  
I've been talking Santa up quite a bit this year.  Icie gets it.  I have a new threat to curb bad behavior before it turns into a full fledged tantrum.  We talk about her Christmas list, and pretend to write things down together when we are in stores.  I've uttered, "Make sure you tell Santa."  more times than I can count when that damn Crib Life doll commercial plays on Nick Jr, (shhh I grabbed the last one at Meijer the other day when I did an Icie free shopping trip, and it's name was Ella.). 
Despite all the prep I was still nervous as all get out to take her to the mall today.  Last year I had to kneel  beside Santa slightly out of frame just to get the picture.  Icie actually was sitting on my knee in the picture and just barely touching the guy.  The Easter Bunny experience this year was okay, but she still refused to sit with him.  We did get a decent picture of her standing if front of the bunny. 
The Santa at our mall is really nice, a great southern accent and just really sweet. There was no line when we approached his set up.  Dave was able to go with us this morning because his campus was closed until noon due to the snow we got overnight.  I took off  Icie's jacket and Dave and I just kind of shooed her in close to Santa.  We both told her to give him a hug and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. 
 Smooth, like she had done it a million times before, she snuggled into him and told him, "I wanna get a chew-walla".   Then Santa didn't skip a beat, he's talked to enough three year olds I guess, "Ohhhh a puppy, you want a puppy?".  Icie and Santa bantered a bit.
 Then the part I most dreaded was upon us, "Icie, can you sit on Santa's lap for a picture?", I said from the my spot off to the side.  I fully expected a freak out.  Like, it's okay to talk to this player, but you can't make me sit with this fool kind of freak out.  Didn't happen.  I was so proud.  Icie crawled onto his lap and continued jabbering to Santa.  Santa's helper was a little slow on the draw and if I had been at the camera I for sure would have captured a smile or three.  I tried to pull out my own camera and we were scolded. I'm pretty happy though with the results.  I have to start giving Miss Icie a little more credit,  we are definitely seeing some serious maturing on her part lately. 

And just for fun and comparison sake, here's a look at Santa visits past.


  1. 2009 has the best smile, but 2010 is my FAVORITE. #1 cause the outfit was from us ;) and #2 because she's lookin at him like "watch the hands, old man."

  2. Ha! I love this Emily! And OMG, all three of my girls are obsessed with the freakin' Crib Life situation.


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