Monday, December 12, 2011

Maternity Monday ~ Third Trimester!!!!!!!

How far along:  28 weeks 
Gender:  Another girl for us, pink prevails!
Pregnancy Symptoms:  Lots of hip pain and a few Braxton Hicks contractions in the evenings. 
Maternity Clothes:  I wore regular jeans to my doctor’s appointment this week and it will not be happening again. Elastic=BFF.

Movement:  I think I’m going to have a light sleeper on my hands, because every time Icie makes even the slightest noise on the monitor at night I am met with tons of kicks and rolls. 
Best Moment of the Week:   I ordered my new breast pump at a great, great price this week.  I’ll be so glad to have a double pump this go round.
Food Cravings:  Beef,  anything with beef.
Weight Gain:   I gained about 6 pounds since my last post, putting me right back to my weight at the time of my positive pregnancy test back in June. 
Days until Due Date:  84
What’s Happening This Week via The
Welcome to the third trimester! Moms-to-be who are at 28 weeks and beyond are known for their lack of sleep. Remember if you find yourself up in the middle of the night, do something relaxing. This is not the time to vacuum the house from top to bottom -- even though you might feel the urge to do that at some point. Read a book, drink chamomile tea, listen to soothing music. Then try to get back to bed and get some rest! Being in the third trimester also means much of your and baby’s anatomy are ready to go -- she's prepping for breathing, and your breasts already have colostrum, which is what baby will eat the first few days until your milk comes in. You’ll also start feeling more Braxton Hicks contractions as your body gets ready for labor. Baby will keep getting bigger -- and smarter -- after week 28, and other than that, she just needs a few more finishing touches.

Icie and I decided to usher in the third trimester with a trip over to Bronner's  in Frankenmuth.  Bronner's is a huge Christmas store with just about every kind of ornament you could imagine.  The decorations really tickled Icie.  We moved through the store and she must have said "Check out that (fill in the blank)!"  about a million times.  We were going to visit Santa, but they have a complex sticker and reservation time system that wouldn't have put us in line for Santa for about an hour and a half.  As well behaved as Icie was being I'm not sure that she could have lasted an hour and half in the land of sparkles keeping her hands to herself.   We already had on successful Santa trip, so it was no great loss.  Icie  was way to busy taking everything in to even notice the Santa set up.  
I had my 28 week appointment on Thursday this week.  I've seen the midwife in the practice the past two trips and I really like her.  I'm still not a "midwife patient", but I like knowing that she's really down to earth should I need her in the future.  I also took my one hour glucose test this week.  This is my second time around and I failed again.  I have to do a three hour test tomorrow. If I don't pass that one it'll be finger prick city for me until the end.  
I have my next two appointments scheduled on for the end of the month and one for the second week in January.  In January I get my last Rhogam shot until delivery and a growth ultrasound.  Once that appointment is done I'll be on my weekly appointments.  Wow, when I type it out like that it really seems just around the corner.    


  1. Lovin' the 'A' on Mama Emily's belly. Such a sweet touch!!

    and lovin' the new blog design! I miss making blog changes. Heck, I miss blogging in general. :(

  2. the ornament is so cute!
    good luck on your test!!!

  3. Wow...I'm took me reading Lacey's comment to realize what the A on the ornament meant.'s CUTE. What a great idea! Looks like Icie enjoyed herself. Third trimester?! My! The time has flown by.


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