Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black and White Wednesday ~ We Got Fancy.

We didn't go anywhere fancy over the holiday.  We did convince Icie to put on a fancy dress and sit in front of the fireplace.  The princess sat for about two minutes and said cheese.  That's how we do fancy in this house.

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Black and White Wednesday


  1. Love it! She looks cute, even if it was just for two minutes.

  2. Ya take what you can get right? She looks cute though even if it was only for 2 minutes!

  3. Wow look how long her hair is! I miss you guys! Please please please get everyone well and get home soon!!!! <3

  4. That works. Love her little open mouth, "Cheese!"

  5. Love this photo and love your words. They are so true....doing fancy with children and getting them to pose for photos...NOT easy. She looks adorable...such a precious little girl. I need to post my granddaughter in her red velvet Christmas dress....which, by the way, only stayed on her about 30 minutes. genie


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