Monday, January 16, 2012

Maternity Monday ~ 33 weeks ~ Toes it's What's for Dinner

How far along:  33 weeks
Gender:  Another girl for us, pink prevails!
Pregnancy Symptoms:  Completely short of breath all the time. I feel like her feet are all up in my lungs all the time.
Maternity Clothes:  All day, everyday.
Movement:  She has some really active times at night and those kicks are intense, but for the most part she’s a flutter-er now, there’s not much space left for more than that.
Best Moment of the Week:   This week I had my first growth scan since my diabetes diagnosis.  The technician was quick and it was pretty much all business.   Annie didn't disappoint though with her short time on camera.  Although we didn't get a really great picture,  I got to watch her go from sucking her thumb to her toes and back again. 

Food Cravings:  I would love some milk chocolate, but food is no longer fun.  It’s just a number and quota I have to fill to keep my  blood sugar in check. 

Weight Gain:   I have actually lost about two pounds since my last post.  That puts me at plus 12 since my positive pregnancy test.
Days until Due Date:  49
What’s Happening This Week via
This week your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and has passed the 17-inch mark. He's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. The bones in his skull aren't fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him to fit through the birth canal. (The pressure on the head during birth is so intense that many babies are born with a cone head-like appearance.) These bones don't entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as his brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.

This week I started a new schedule for monitoring my diabetes and the baby.  I am meeting with my diabetes counselor one more time at the end of the month and then I'm pretty much done with that aspect of my care. The counselor has been pretty impressed with my numbers and my ability to spot triggers and correct my diet accordingly.  I am confident as is she that unless something freaky happens I can handle this all by myself for the next forty some days.  
I am now on an every two week schedule to see my doctor.  The next appointment is a normal checkup but when February hits the marathon appointments start.  The first week of February I start my weekly appointments.  The weekly appointments will consist of a non-stress test, a growth ultrasound, and a meeting with the doctor.  
I had my first growth scan this week and Miss Annie is already five pounds.  The average weight gain from this point on is typically 1/3 of a pound a week.  That means if Annie just gains the average she will top out between eight and nine pounds.  
The thinking at this point is that I will most likely be induced sometime during the week of February 27th, making Dave more and more hopeful for his dream leap year baby. So although I have 49 days until my due date listed in my survey the likelihood of making it passed 42 days is actually pretty slim. 


  1. aw I can't wait to meet Annie! When it's all said and done we need an adult date for some cocktails and desserts!

  2. I hope you make that Leap Day baby - that would be awesome. I bet you're about DONE with all this pregnancy stuff. Hang in there!


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