Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shoes Make The Outfit.

Anyone that's been reading this blog for awhile may remember that I used to feature Icie's outfits every Monday.  I stopped that awhile ago, because Icie had been going through her "comfy" stage.   Everything she wore had to pass the "comfy cozy" test.  Tutus, dresses, costumes, pants without some stretch and other random items were all deemed "too rough or too hard".  Lately she's become more aware of fashion choices again.  This morning I was putting away laundry when she wandered into her closet with me.  We had already made a comfy cozy outfit choice for the day.  She was dressed and ready to go.  The sparkle shoes were at the bottom of the closet.  "I try on my super fast sparkle shoes?"  she asked.  I was more than surprised but helped her get the sparkles in place.  She ran over to her mirror and exclaimed, " I look gorgeous!"  The run back to the closet though was followed by,  " Owww, oooohhhh,  HELP!  They hurt!" .  I helped her plop off the shoes and went back putting away laundry.  A second later she discovered the princess dress.  I had bought it on clearance months ago at Target.  It was four dollars.  I couldn't resist.  I knew at the time that it wouldn't pass the cozy test, but it was so cute.   Icie was oooh-ing and aaahhing  over the dress when I asked,  "Do you want to put it on over Tinkerbell?".  I was fully expecting a scream no followed by her running from the closet.   I was shocked when she wanted to put it on.  I slipped it over her head and waited for the run back to the closet just like she had with the shoes.  There was a run back to the closet, but it was to add the shoes and elephant bow to the outfit.  "I think it needs some sparkles, Mommy!".  
So now at three and some change my little thing has learned that sometimes you just need to suck it up for the right shoes.  It's been over two hours now and the whole outfit is still in place.   She even insisted on the pictures to document the whole thing.   She's also in this phase where we are getting either creepy smiles or she just repeats "smile" or "cheese" or whatever verb she's doing  in pictures over and over again.  

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