Friday, January 27, 2012

What Was I Doing Again?

There's a lot that's been on my mind lately.  I have a ton of things I could blog about, but I just can't pull it together.  I get a spurt of inspiration and then by the time I hit my laptop it's gone.  Pregnancy brain is in full effect. The weather here has been bringing me down too.  It's either grey and snowing, sleeting, or raining.  Everything is covered in a muddy (or as Icie says "the sticky muddy") slushy mess.
I'm trying to keep everything under control, but the "what ifs"  are creeping in way more often than I'd like to admit.   I still have some loose ends to wrap up before Annie arrives, but my energy level is at zero.   I'm hoping to have her room pretty much set by the end of next week.   I have an appointment on the sixth to check her growth again,  I'm pretty sure she's going to be huge.  I'm also thinking she dropped a bit.  I have been trying to learn a bit more about my camera and looking for the perfect inspiration photo for a birth announcement photo shoot.   
I'll leave you all with a little photo dump.  I really intended for each of these to end up being post of their own, but I just can't get my brain to work the right way to get it together.

The results of a camera fiddling session.

The timer is tricky.

oops again.

A corner piece of DIY art project I'm working on.

Little People sessions and potty training triumphs.

Prick finger, chart, eat, prick finger, chart, eat all day long.

Supplies for the cycle.

Finally found a nail polish that stays on her little finger nails for more than 20 minutes.

It's all about "goggles" and Super Grover.

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  1. I love the pic of you holding Icie.'re almost to the finish line! Do you think you'll go to term with Annie?


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