Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Icie Has To Say.

So since it's been all gloom and doom around here lately I decided it was time to lighten things up with a post I've been meaning to do for quite some time.  Inspired by Sara and her frequent posts about what her little ones have to say (Drewisms and Livispeak) without further delay here's what Icie has to say.

* "That's my girl, she brings the packages. Hi girl! Hi my girl!!!!!"    Every single day when the mail comes.  

* "Hurry! Hurry!  We need to get to the train stay-shell!!!!"    Said while playing with various little people type toys.  

* "My stinkies are like a marching band!"   Her stinkies have been many things, but the marching band was my favorite.

* "It's just too shay Mommy!  It's just too shay!!!!"   This is her go to when she's throwing a tantrum and has forgotten what it was she was upset about.  She heard the word touche during an episode of Phineas and Ferb and it has stuck as a fill in word.  

* "I want GAGA OOOHH LA LA! "    Usually during our after dinner dance party or anytime Glee is on it's her request to hear or see the Glee version of Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance.  

* "Annie it's okay, I'll take you and make you much better! Take a bow, take a bow, take a bow, take a bow!!!"     Sung to various tunes anytime Annie is crying and topped off with a little dance during the take a bow part.

* "I a princa, Mommy the queen, Daddy the king, and Annie another princa!"  Her break down of the family.

* "Ring the doorbell, say trick or treat, thank you!  I be the kitty, you be the bunny, Daddy be the doggy, and Annie be the buggy!"   Giving me the break down for Halloween 2012 on every single walk we have taken since I bought a clearance Ladybug costume for Annie the first week of November. 

* "Let's listen to place in the pool!"   A request to listen to the song We Found Love by Rihanna because it was performed in a pool on Glee. 

* "It's Mandy, TeTe, and Ella!  We have to catch them!!!"    My sister has a yellow car, so every time we pass any car that is yellow Icie insists we follow it to catch my sister and nieces.  It doesn't matter that we live almost seven hours away from them. 

* "I'll find Grandma's orange car with my goggles!"  Said while cupping her hands around her eyes during most car rides, again the seven hours makes no difference to her.

* "Abuela in the airplane to her home in the oranges."   My mother in law always comes to see us via airplane and Icie has a book of maps and Florida has a picture of oranges on it, so every time she sees an airplane she says this.

"Oh I want to see it! It's my Dr. Lorax!"  Anytime she sees anything with a picture of The Lorax on  it.

"Is it my Balentine? I need my Balentine?  Is it from my Jack?"    Said when any package has arrived since Valentine's day.  

"I not a pony! I a kiddo! I Icie!  Said in complete disgust when I asked her what my little pony she was playing with.

"I Icie Con Tru!"   When asked her name she always responds with that, even though she knows her middle name is just Tru, I'm still not sure how she got the con part.


I'm sure there have been some much better ones, but I just haven't been writing them down.  I want to start doing this more often.  It was good to sit and realize that most days are good and entertaining to say the least.

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  1. I love these. I remember a time when my youngest was two and a half, she told be her little knickers smelled of "strawberries and sunshine".
    My kid has an amazing imagination... lol.


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