Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Months Down

Two months down and I'm just starting to feel like I'm doing this thing.  That may not make sense but I'm feeling more present and less auto pilot lately. Little Miss Antonia is rocking and rolling.  I'm having a hard time remembering life before her arrival.  Annie just rounds us out nicely. 
I'm getting one good stretch of sleep out of her at night, almost five hours some nights. Then I get two more shorter stretches.  Dave typically takes over at four in the morning so I can get three solid hours of sleep.  Dave and Annie head out to the the living room and I have peace and quiet until about seven when Icie gets up and we all get rolling with our day. 
Icie loves her baby sister, but there's clearly still a bit of anxiety that she's been dealing with considering the changes that the last two months have brought.  I'm just glad that there doesn't seem to be any anger or frustration directed towards Annie during the transition.  Annie is always "beautiful" and "such a good girl" according to Icie.  Annie has started some full on drooling though and that did prompt Icie to call her "skaaaaaa- sting!"  (that's disgusting in the Icie to English dictionary folks) this morning.  A string of drool dripped dangerously close to Miss Icie, heaven forbid.  
We had Annie's two month well check up this week and she's doing great. She's in the 23rd percentile for length and 77th percentile for weight.  She's solid and strong and has lots of delicious baby rolls.  We did have a rough twenty-four hours after her vaccines, but it was nothing a little Tylenol wouldn't fix.  
A post wouldn't be complete without a picture of my little assistant.  Icie has become a great helper.  She runs things to the laundry room and garbage, and retrieves things like the phone and diapers when I need them. Icie also has taken a liking to being the Spray and Wash queen.  She loves prepping Annie's stained clothes for the wash, whatever floats your boat kid.  


  1. Olivia Newton-John called and she and the cast of Xanadu demand that costume is returned.

  2. How cute is your little Annie?! Happy two months to her!


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