Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 Monther!

Miss Annie is four months old today.  In some ways it seems as though time is flying and in others it seems as though it's dragging like nobody's business.  Annie is a pretty happy baby.  She basically only melts down when she's really hungry and I don't get to her fast enough.  She has already slept for 7 hours straight a few nights.  A few times she has soothed herself back to sleep.  Today while I was getting a few things done before I nursed her, she simply decided a little thumb sucking would do and she took a nap without a topper or any rocking.  She has rolled from her back to her stomach a million times but still doesn't have the reverse down pat.  She can do a stomach to back roll but most of the time she gets stuck and needs a little help finishing things off.  Icie is doing a pretty good job as a big sister.  Most of the day she is my very eager helper.  Lately Annie has been drooling full force and that freaks Miss Icie out, everything is puke to her. The tiniest bit of drool and Icie is running to me and yelling, "MOOOOOMM!!!!!  Annie has PUUUUUUUUKE again!  It's PUUUUUUUKE! It's PUUUUUUKE!"  

Check out Miss Annie's latest growth collage.  I cannot believe what a little chunk-a-monk she's become lately! I just did a sort and moved her up to mostly 3-6 months or just 6 months clothes.

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