Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh Hello...

There's been some disappointments that have hit me hard lately.  Nothing major, but enough to bum me out in a way where I didn't pick up my camera for more than ten days.  I didn't completely give up on picture taking during those ten days, my instagram account got a work out, but my real camera was left hanging in the mudroom.  It's been super hot lately so the bulk of our days have been spent just trying to keep cool, so there really hasn't been anything exciting to document anyway.
Today we totally Michiganed it up in our driveway (I've never lived anywhere we people spend as much time in their driveways and garages like they do here.).  I rigged up a blanket and umbrella for Miss Annie and we broke out the water table once again for Miss Icie.  Dave and I took turns watching the girls and breaking in his Father's day gift, a new basketball hoop.  
I managed to break out my real camera for a few shots and loved these two. 

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