Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 Months And We Are Working Hard.

Miss Annie turned five months old this weekend.  We have been really busy getting ready for the next big transition for the little lady this weekend.  We are hoping to have Miss Annie in her own room in the next couple of weeks.  The reason that this is taking some prep is because there is going to be a  huge furniture flip. It's trickle down furniture economics. Dave and I are getting a new bed and nightstands delivered on the eighth. Icie will be getting a our old bed.  Annie's room will get Icie's twin bed (in case I need to do some camping out there during the transition).  
We decided that while we were at all this flipping around it was time to paint Icie's room.  We have been talking about toning things down in there for awhile now, but we just couldn't come to a conclusion about a color.  We wanted something a bit more neutral just in case we put the house on the market in the next few years.  I've ordered some wall graphics and we got the new paint on the walls. I'll leave the color reveal for when the room is all put together, but here's a picture of Icie doing her share.

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  1. I have been trying to get Thea into her own bed for the past few weeks now...but it's not going so well. (Probably b/c she's actually been sleeping in our bed!) You'll have to let me know how it goes for you! :)


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