Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today while Annie rolled around on the floor and Icie set up a picnic with all of her stuffed animals, I remember this picture of Icie.

That's Icie and her first Valentine gift from Grandma and Papa.  The hippo we named Valentino has recently earned a spot back in the rotation of Icie's favorite stuffies.  Valentino was forgotten for awhile and sat lonely at the bottom of the stuffie bin, but he's back solidly in the top ten again.  Icie and I decided it was time to recreate this picture.  First I got Annie down to her diaper and created this little comparison collage.

I would never put these two babies together and think they were sisters.  I highly doubt that Annie will get the "Hey yo Icie!" calls like I did from my sister's friends. I don't know how many times in high school someone approached me and until they got up close they realized I wasn't my sister.  Shouts of "Hey yo Mandy!" were usually followed by "Oh sorry little Mandy, tell your sister I said what's up."  Icie and Annie having this problem, not so much.   
Icie then decided she wanted her turn back on the quilt and our next collage was born.  We are still in this awkward smile situation with Icie.  I can only catch a smile when she's not really aware her picture is being taken, otherwise she just repeats the word "smile" over and over.  Most of her pictures lately are of her with her eyes closed and mouth in weird positions.

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