Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eeek More Than Two Weeks!

This summer has been busy and uneventful all in one. I know that sounds crazy, but that's exactly how I feel. I'm still trying to get the swing of this mom of two thing.  If only I could get some solid sleep, I'd be golden.  I cannot believe it's been two plus weeks since my last post.  Here's the quick and dirty recap thanks to my phone.

1. Happy girl conquering the solid food.
2. Knocked out from her first round of antibiotics.
3. All smiles in plaid.
4. Annie and Mommy enjoying some funny faces.

1. A morning coffee run with Icie and Abigail.
2. We love our Sophie and Lili dolls.
3. "Our dollies are builders!!!" says Icie.
4. "More tea Princess Annie?"

1. "Mommy, he's handsome. Can you take our picture?"
2. We gotta wear shades.
3. Awesome gift from Miss Sara.
4. Figuring out Icie's new photo wall.
5. It was actually cool enough one morning for Icie to wear a "jack-coat" on our Meijer run.
6. Catching air once again.
7. Fun with fabric markers.
8. Icie and Mommy funny faces.
9. Sassy Senorita.

Annie and Icie both has a bout of summer sickness this past month.  Icie had a lovely run with the croup. She was steroid girl for a few days. She also took the time to explore new uses for her humidifier. We typically move the humidifier into her room only at night. One morning I forgot to move it and empty it.  Icie was in her room playing and it got super quiet. All moms know that's never good.  Icie's stuffed animals "needed to swim in the pool".  The top was popped off and a finger was scraped in the process and the crazy girl was forced to give herself up because she desperately needed a "band-AGE!!!!"   Water was all over the floor and some of her favorite stuffies needed a ride in the dryer. I did not laugh while I was correcting her, but it was a struggle.  
Miss Annie's first illness was a nasty viral throat infection and pink eye.  The poor thing was a trooper, but the whole ordeal has muffed up our sleep training a bit. We are still working on it. I've gotten nights that have been awesome out of her a few times but for the most part if I get a four to five hour stretch I'm lucky.  I've also stopped breastfeeding and transitioned her organic formula so we are still trying to find our groove with that transition. 

The heat has been crazy and Annie really can't take too long outside, so it's been summer time cabin fever here too.  I've been trying to come up with ways to pass the days and one morning Icie and I goofed off on Sprout.com for a good while.  We finished up in time to watch Chloe's Closet right before lunch and during one of the breaks this happened. 

Icie was thrilled and we caught on the DVR so we can watch it over and over, and we have.  It was music appreciation week so that's why we were "telling Chica" about her little guitar and her love of singing. 

I'm trying to get back into a better schedule here, but it's just not happening. Maybe when Icie starts pre-school in a couple weeks I'll get on track, that is if I don't have a heart attack first. Sending her to school is freaking me out. 

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