Friday, August 24, 2012

Yo Ho! It's a Pirate Life for Icie!

Today I finally gave the finishing touches to Icie's room.  We had wanted to tone down the walls and update some when we did a furniture shuffle. These before pictures are old, but they give you a sense of the room and the colors. The crib, cube shelf, and bin shelf have long since left the room. 



I think we did pretty well with the budget we were working with to transform the room. I'd still like to add a little bright colored rug at the bottom of the bed and a couple more pictures, but for the most part it's done.  We did the entire room, from top to bottom for $402.  The dresser, bed, shelves,mirror, and nightstand are all shuffled from around our house.  The wall graphics were our big splurge.  I bought some clip art on Etsy and customized it a smidge with Icie's name.  We used the print shop at Dave's work to print them on removable wallpaper.  They set us back about $165 and I lost about two hours of my life cutting them out.  The bedding was our other big expense. The bed is a queen size bed and I was having a hard time matching the theme of the room.  I lucked out scoring the comforter, sheets, and pillowcases at The Pottery Barn Outlet. The comforter is a discontinued style so I had to piece together a matching set. I made out pretty well though considering what regular price is for Pottery Barn Kids items. I added a body pillow and case from Target and came out around $100 for all the bedding. Everything else went to the accessories and printing photos.  The lanterns are Martha Stewart that I found on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics.  The light switch covers, the yellow frame, chevron stripe magnetic frame, purple frame, and pink letters are all from Hobby Lobby.  The pink frames, treasure jar, and fabric baskets are all from Target.  The white frames are recycled from Icie's old photo wall. 
Icie absolutely adores her room and has spent many afternoons playing pirate and having Peter Pan and Wendy style adventures. I love the stories that she comes up with and listening to her chat away to her pirate crew.

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